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Canadian Association of Pipeline and
Utility Locating Contractors

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Bylaws are rules, which govern the operation of an organization. The CAPULC Bylaws were put forth to the membership for amendments, and finalized in October 2011. Since then, there have been other amendments made in 2017. Please download the 2017 Bylaws by clicking here.

CAPULC Bylaws address such subjects as:

  • Membership

  • Meetings of the Association

  • Governance

  • Management and Finance

  • Amendments to Bylaws

  • Dissolution

It is CAPULC's expectation that all members, and those considering membership, familiarize themselves with the CAPULC Bylaws.

Members are not only to follow the CAPULC Bylaws but will also be required to become familiar with CAPULC Code of Ethics. They must sign the CAPULC Membership Oath found on the last page of the document. Upon signing it is to be returned to the Administration Office at in order for their membership to become complete and approved by the Board of Directors. Please download the Code of Ethics by clicking here.

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