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Welcome to CAPULC!

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Welcome to the CAPULC Education and Training Partner Program!

Introducing our latest CAPULC initiative. A program dedicated to elevating underground facility locating and marking training throughout Canada. This platform showcases education and training providers that meet the stringent criteria of the CAPULC Education and Training Partner Program.

CAPULC Education and Training Partner Criteria

CAPULC provides leadership, promotes safety, and enhances the value and reputation of the underground facility locating industry in Canada. We establish the highest possible standards for the industry, and our objective is to present a generation of qualified, competent locators, trained to excel in their field. Standardization and compliance with the rules and regulations will benefit everyone in the underground pipeline and utility locating industry.

Together we can encourage the locate industry to meet and exceed safety expectations, perform each job with due diligence, and govern the application of rules and regulations as they pertain to the industry.

National Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard

CAPULC is proud to have developed and released the National Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard. This represents a significant milestone for the industry and creates a comprehensive framework for locating underground infrastructure. It is essential for safeguarding existing underground facilities and damage prevention. The scope of the document offers guidance on the locating process for all types of underground infrastructure across Canada. This achievement marks the culmination of many years of effort by CAPULC members and represents the first document of its kind in Canada, consolidating guidance at the national level. It also provides a practical foundation on which we can attract, develop, and retain talent as a crucial aspect to maintaining our infrastructure and encouraging a viable career path.

Education and Training Criteria:

Despite all of this, our efforts would be ineffective without educators and training providers adopting, adhering to, and promoting CAPULC’s National Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard. As such, we have developed an Education and Training Partner Program which includes criteria for training providers to be listed and recognized on our website as well as other social media platforms. This program is designed to connect our members to relevant industry education and training. These Partner’s may also optionally offer preferred rates, specialized training, educational products or services to Underground Facility Locators across Canada.

Education and Training Partners must:

·        be a member in good standing with CAPULC and/or be a higher tiered (Platinum, Gold or Silver) Sponsor that will adhere to CAPULC’s Bylaws and Code of Ethics 

·        supply an active representative to participate in CAPULC’s Education and Standards Committee,

·        have a genuine interest and commitment to the quality of locating in Canada,

·        support and protect the integrity of CAPULC’s National Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard,

·        refrain from marketing their training program as being endorsed by CAPULC and the successful completion of student training as a being “certified”.


Instructor: a qualified individual who delivers training in a classroom and/or field environment.

Education and Training Partner: a company or individual that meets the CAPULC’s Education and Training Partner criteria.

Join us in redefining the landscape of underground facility locating and marking by becoming a CAPULC Education and Training Partner. Click here to complete your Inclusion Request Form.

If you have questions about the CAPULC Education and Training Partner Program, send an email to or call 888-492-8279.

CAPULC does not endorse a specific education, training, or certificate program. CAPULC does not recommend one training provider over another. CAPULC does recognize that some facility owners and training organizations in the industry offer courses that are created with the intention to improve underground facility locator competency. The information in this section is not all inclusive and there are many programs and training organizations available across Canada. Questions regarding addition to the CAPULC Education and Training Partner Program can be directed to CAPULC does not take responsibility for outcomes from any education or training program. Please make sure to do your research and explore the education and training options that best meet your current requirements and location. 

Stay tuned for updates to CAPULC training pages.

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