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  • 29 Apr 2019 7:08 PM | Deleted user

    To our Members and the General Public,

    We just wrapped up our 2019 Annual General Meeting, Safety Conference and 1st Locate Rodeo!  The event was held over two (2) days, April 17th and April 18th at Festival Place in Sherwood Park, Alberta.  It was a big success and we had excellent attendance from a diverse group of people in the industry throughout Canada.....please click HERE to read the full news update.

  • 03 Apr 2019 12:00 PM | Deleted user

    CAPULC has spent the last 8 years striving to standardize minimum competency levels in the industry through safety, education and communication with all stakeholders.  Please be advised that the organization is not liable for any personal views of any one person.  We encourage our members to promote leadership, promote safety, and enhance the value and reputation of the underground facility locating industry in Canada. We would like to remind our members to please review the Code of Ethics form that all members must adhere too. Please take some time and review the Code of Ethics with your employees and click HERE for President's Letter to our Members.

  • 10 Jan 2019 10:47 PM | Deleted user

    Register today and join us at our 2019 CAPULC AGM & Safety Conference and National Locate Rodeo on April 17 & 18, 2019 in Sherwood Park, Alberta. We have an excellent line-up of guest speakers, educational workshops, trade show, locate rodeo & BBQ and a special networking event. Our conference theme is "Damage Prevention is not just a slogan" 

  • 02 Nov 2018 12:05 AM | Deleted user

    CAPULC is pleased to announce that we have released the 2019 Edition of "The Locator" publication. We hope you enjoy the content of the 2nd edition. Also hard copies have been mailed out to our members. Click HERE to read.

  • 16 Mar 2018 11:25 AM | Deleted user

    CAPULC is pleased to announce the release of our first issue of "The Locator". This magazine is the first publication in Canada geared towards Line Locating and Ground Disturbance. Hard copies will be mailed out soon but you can view the online digital copy right now by clicking HERE.

  • 14 Nov 2017 3:00 PM | Deleted user

    The 2016 Western Canadian DIRT Report has been released and is available at the ABCGA website.


    The largest number of reported incidents occurred in June with 603 reported events. The next highest months were August with 561 reported events and September with 534 reported events.

    A significant number of incidents were reported during winter months: with 277 reported events from January to February and 562 reported events from November to December, for a total of 839 reported events during winter.

    Almost 42 per cent of all reported incidents (1,824 reported events) occurred in the region of Edmonton, and 1,217 of those occurred in the municipal region of Leduc, which accounted for almost 28 per cent of all reported incidents in Alberta during 2016.

    One out of every five incidents was reported as causing a service disruption, however more than 60 per cent of reported events listed the occurrence of a service disruption as "unknown."

    The largest number of reported incidents occurred during construction and development work, with 1,797 reported events, which was followed by 1,711 reported events occurring during street work.

    More information about DIRT can be found on our website under the DIRT Tab

  • 07 Nov 2017 7:59 PM | Deleted user

    Great news for the CCGA on Oct. 31! The Speaker of the House, Hon. Geoff Regan, passed his ruling on Bill S-229, allowing the bill to proceed to first reading.

    For more information on the Speaker's Ruling on Bill S-229, click here.

    This is great news for damage prevention across Canada. Federal damage prevention legislation will also be a big help in furthering our goal to introduce provincial damage prevention legislation in Alberta in the near future, helping to provide a model for provincial damage prevention legislation throughout Canada.

    We are working on our legislation outreach plan and we will send you an update in the next couple weeks on how you can reach your MPs and request support for the bill.

    If you would like to read the Speaker's Ruling, a full transcription is available to read on openparliament.ca

  • 10 Aug 2017 3:05 PM | Deleted user

    Event Start: September 19, 2017
    Event End: September 21, 2017
    Location: Delta Hotels Ottawa City Centre, Ottawa, Ontario

    Be a part of Canada’s unified damage prevention voice at this event that attracts members from the many Canadian organizations and associations who share the responsibility of damage prevention and public safety solutions. An excellent opportunity to network with peers across Canada and share knowledge and ideas.

    Topics under development include:

    Ground Disturbance Standard
    Abandoned Facility – A Panel Discussion
    Excavating Effective Strategies
    International Best Practices
    Protecting the Infrastructure through Public/Private Partnerships
    Municipal Best Practices – A Panel Discussion

    For more information, and to register go to http://canadiancga.com/Annual-Symposium

  • 12 May 2017 6:55 PM | Deleted user

    The Senate of Canada voted last week to adopt Bill S-229, An Act respecting underground infrastructure safety, on Tuesday, May 2, 2017 following its third reading. The bill, which was introduced by Senator Grant Mitchell in September, will now proceed to the House of Commons where, if passed, it will receive Royal Assent and be made law.

    “No doubt that today is a big day for the CCGA and damage prevention in Canada,” said Mike Sullivan, executive director of the CCGA. “We’ve never gotten this far in our goal to achieve damage prevention legislation.”

    Inspired by the “Call or Click Before You Dig” principle, the bill will:

    • Require operators of underground infrastructure that is federally regulated or on federal land to register that infrastructure with a notification centre.
    • Require people who are planning to dig to first make a “locate request” with the relevant notification centre.
    • Require operators of underground infrastructure to respond to locate requests by either locating and marking the ground, providing a clear description of the location of the underground infrastructure in the vicinity of the proposed excavation, or providing an all clear to proceed with the excavation.

    “Bill S-229 represents very positive and unique public policy,” said Senator Grant Mitchell. “This bill will significantly reduce societal, economic and business costs, and significantly enhance public safety. And, it will do this at no appreciable cost to government.

    I am very pleased that S-229 was passed by the Senate with vast support from all groups. Now that the bill has been sent to the House of Commons, I trust that it will be given due consideration in order to help ensure the safety of individuals, workers and the public in proximity to excavation work, and protect the integrity Canada’s underground infrastructure.”

    We are still looking for your help in supporting Bill S-229 in the House of Commons. 

    Providing your support is easy to do! CLICK HERE TO FIND OUT MORE DETAILS

  • 19 Apr 2017 10:55 AM | Deleted user

    The National Energy Board (NEB) is launching a one-year pilot program to make a key safety standard, known as CSA Z662 – Oil and Gas Pipeline Systems (CSA Z662), available online to the public free of charge.

    CSA Z662 is incorporated by reference in the National Energy Board Onshore Pipeline Regulations (OPR) making it a regulation that applies to NEB-regulated oil and gas pipelines. It is also included in the NEB’s Filing Manual and companies must follow CSA Z662 when they submit an application for a new project. 

    The pilot runs until March 2018 with the NEB covering the cost so Canadians can have full, digital access. 


    CSA Z662 web portal

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