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Can You Guess What It Is?

Been involved in protecting underground facilities longer than you can remember?

TRY OUR CAPTIVATING CHALLENGE!    On page 21 in the 2024 edition of The Locator, we’ve included images of eight objects commonly used by locators in their daily work. Details of each item have been hidden from view except for a small area. Can you guess what these items are? We invite you to share your answers by emailing or click here to play online. Whether you choose to keep your guesses to yourself or share them with others, be sure to stay connected with us through our website and social media pages. The mystery items will be revealed at a future time. Meanwhile, take a moment to explore our online resources where we share valuable insights, information, and industry updates keeping us connected and moving forward together. You will also find info on upcoming events, get a free download of the Underground Facility Locating and Marking Standard, and learn about becoming a CAPULC member or sponsor.









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